Repair prints
Over time, many images deteriorate either through damage, fading or discoloration. In most instances we can repair images back to their original quality and reprint on Archival Paper.

The time required varies based on many factors and as this service is charged on a time basis, we prefer to see the image before quoting.

Please contact us for indicative pricing. We can usually assess the work required if you email us a smart phone picture of the print.




Colour faded prints

One of the enemies of modern photographs is strong light, particularly for colour prints produced in the 1970’s to the 1990’s.

This can manifest in different ways, either by fading or certain colours changing.

In those early and competitive years of Mini Labs producing low cost prints in an hour, the long term effects of light and climate were rarely factored in by consumers.

We can in most instances improve or restore the colors.



About us
As professional photographers for over 40 years we have seen much change but more importantly we’ve come to understand the importance of preserving images that tell our life story, not so much for us here and now but for the generations that follow. If we rely solely on digital storage….. images will be lost. We could become names only in the future, our visual heritage could be lost.

Our aim is to find the individual solution that is right for you to ensure your important images stand the test of time

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