There are five key steps to Long term image preservation

1. Image selection

In todays digital world we all simply take too many photographs to archive for the long term. Significant images are lost in the clutter and we tend to put off the selection or editing process because it is a time consuming task.

The first step is to understand that in reality you are probably only looking for 5 to 10 images a year at the most. We put them in the “A” folder. Everything else is in the “B” Folder

We can guide you with your section for the “A” folder.

2. Optimising digital images

Photography is an imperfect art or more so the cameras we use. They can deliver sub-optimal images simply because of the automated features we rely on.

If there are images within your “A” folder that are too dark, too light or need enhancing we can help with that modification.

3. Repairing old or damaged images.

If images are worth keeping they should be repaired or enhanced using latest technologies.

4. Printing

We recommend any image in your “A” folder or images that have been repaired should be printed at a minimum size of 20cm x 25cm. We print these using papers and inks manufactured to stand the test of time. The larger size is to allow anyone in the future to re-scan them if required. The size ensures they have enough detail to maintain quality.

An option is to produce Photo Books relevant to a period of time or event

5. Create a Digital Archive.

This is a back up in case the prints for any reason are damaged or lost. Again, this is only for the “A” folder images.

It is inevitable that digital technologies will change in the future, we believe the only viable long term digital storage is cloud based with a reputable supplier.

We also offer advise on the long term access to those images given usernames and passwords can change over time.

About us
As professional photographers for over 40 years we have seen much change but more importantly we’ve come to understand the importance of preserving images that tell our life story, not so much for us here and now but for the generations that follow. If we rely solely on digital storage….. images will be lost. We could become names only in the future, our visual heritage could be lost.

Our aim is to find the individual solution that is right for you to ensure your important images stand the test of time

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