Preserving history

Restoring local history

I’ve just finished stage one of of a restoration project for a community historical society.

Many of their photographs that date back to the late 1800s had deteriorated badly most due to either environmental degradation or latent imperfections created at the time of printing that manifested over the years as staining and fading.

Each image required a different approach as no two suffered the same damage and in most casesĀ  required selective adjustments in different areas of the same image.

We set a strict criteria at the outset, the final prints should reflect the original quality the photographer of the day would have delivered to their client, in other words it was restoring not adding new elements. Maintaining the integrity of the original image was paramount.

This is a selection of the 25 images we restored, the project has been delivered to the client in two forms, A4 prints produced on museum grade paper and high resolution files formatted to specifications stipulated by the National Library of Australia. The prints to be kept in Archival grade boxes as a security in case the digital files are compromised in the future.

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