Which 10 images define your story?

Why do you need to identify them?

How will you preserve them?

Since the stone age humans have preserved their story so future generations could understand what came before: Their story

While the methods changed, they shared a common trait: They were tangible reflections of their story that can be seen today and without the aid of technology.

Today’s digital world has given us the opportunity to take and store more photographs than we can possibly absorb.

If we rely solely on Digital to preserve our milestone moments, there is a good chance that many if not all of the images captured in this era could be lost.

Future generations may be able to see more of the 20th century than this one.

Why 10 images?

You don’t need to preserve every image for future generations. You simply need to identify which are the truly important images that tell your story so future generations will be able to look back and see who came before.

Digital cameras and smart phones have allowed us to take more images than in any previous era. We have so many, it’s impractical to preserve all, let alone sort through them. The key is simply to identify those that reflect significant life events.

For most, it would more likely be two or three in an average year – the milestone moments.

How will your decendants see them?
Digital storage will fail

As technology and storage devices fail or change it is inevitable digital images will be lost or the computer systems and interfaces we rely on to view them will make them obsolete, we call this the Digital Abyss.

The future generation computers and software in decades to come will be totally different to today’s technology.

Vint Cerf considered one of the founders of the internet and a Vice President of Google calls it the “Digital Dark Age”.

Important images need to be preserved and stored to survive that change.

Why is it important you act now?
Traditional photographs will fade

Over time, light or the environment will degrade the quality of prints we’ve produced or those that have been handed down to us from generation to generation.

Colour prints produced from the 1970’s to 90’s will change colour, and the materials used to frame or mount them in the past will begin to attack the photographic emulsions causing staining.

This will only get worse with the passage of time.

It is vital to identify and copy those prints to preserve their original quality before it is too late, then repair the damage and reprint them with current technologies.

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How will you preserve them so they last?

Essential preservation steps

At Restory, we work with you to identify those important images that reflect your history.

We recommend keeping precious images in two forms
* Prints at a minimum size of 20cm x 25cm
* Digital Files stored in a unique location and updated as required

For existing prints we digitise the original images repair them as required and reprint on quality art paper.

With your existing digital files, we enhance as required and print them on quality art paper

The digital files are added to your Digital Archive

This gives you two copies of each important image or document kept in two different locations, combined they are resilient to technology change, failure or natural disasters


Other Services


Slides, Negatives and Prints can be digitised, printed and repaired if required, and added to your digital archive.

Image Enhancement

Working from your digital images, we can adjust contrast colour and detail to improve the overall look.

Archival Printing

Using the best quality art papers available, we will preserve your special images for generations to come.

Photo Books

We can produce Photo Books to preserve your family or business story, including captions and details where appropriate.

About us
As professional photographers for over 40 years we have seen much change but more importantly we’ve come to understand the importance of preserving images that tell our life story, not so much for us here and now but for the generations that follow. If we rely solely on digital storage….. images will be lost. We could become names only in the future, our visual heritage could be lost.

Our aim is to find the individual solution that is right for you to ensure your important images stand the test of time

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